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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaningWe are able to undertake the cleaning of all types of upholstered items from sofas to headboards.

We use either water based or solvent cleaning chemicals (wet or dry cleaning) depending on the fabrics being cleaned. Although many suppliers specify that their fabrics should only be professionally dry cleaned we know through experience and testing that a significant proportion of these can quite satisfactorily be wet cleaned. Wet cleaning generally produces better results as a greater variety of chemicals can be used.

With on site dry cleaning we are limited to only using certain non volatile spirits which although effective do not always produce the best results.

Regardless of the method used the process involves a number of steps. In either case the fabrics are pre-cleaned using a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Any marks or stubborn stains are then individually treated.

When using a water-based cleaning system the process involves the application by hand of high-fibre shampoo, followed by thorough rinsing using an extraction machine with a neutralising pH agent. The fabrics are then towel dried or, if needed, a cold air blower is applied.

Where the fabric is to be dry cleaned a solvent/spirit is applied using a specialised application and extraction machine.

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